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Poster sessions

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1st Annual Innovation in Education Durban Summit

Poster Sessions

Durban University of Technology, November 9, 2013



Academic Support in Basic Math

Sury Rajah, Department of Mathematics and Physics, DUT


DUT e-Learning Project

Graham Stewart, DUT


Traditional Media and New Media Nexus

Ayesha Mall, Lecturer in Journalism, DUT


Tutorials Through Technology-Enhanced Learning

Sipho Zulu, Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, DUT

Lawrence Olivier, Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, DUT


Mobile Learning Spaces

Marí Peté, Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, DUT


Design Designers’ Cookbook:

Challenging the notion of design process in studio-based learning environments.

Sharon Zoepke, Lecturer in Visual Communication Design, DUT


Harnessing Education to Battle Malnutrition

Zeev Degani, Herzliya Hebrew Gymnasium (Israel)






Sonlig: Solar Powered Mobile Digital Media, Technology Training,

and Knowledge Transfer for Under-resourced Schools

Pagan MacKay, Institute for Innovation in Education

Pete Poggione, Mattawan Consolidated Schools, USA

Ben Tomlinson, Mattawan Consolidated Schools, USA



Julie Riley, University of Michigan – Flint, USA


Place Out Of Time

Danna Fuller, University of Michigan – Flint, USA

Eric Cordier, University of Michigan – Flint, USA


University of Michigan – Flint Educational Technology Program

Emily Kuiper, University of Michigan – Flint, USA



Theophilus van Rensburg Lindzter, Learning Academy Worldwide 

Sylvia Zulu, Department of Education, DUT


Beijing Royal School MobilEnglish

Guangfa Wang

Lucy Haagen






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